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Sharp MX C312 Remove Paper From Center Tray

Sharp MX C312 Remove Paper From Center Tray

Sharp MX C312 Remove Paper From Center Tray

As a Sharp Dealer we often get questions from our customers that remind us that digital MFP’s can be confusing. When a Sharp copier displays the message remove paper from center tray we have had customers take that to mean the center paper tray. And if their machine has only two paper trays they don’t know which one is the center tray. So they remove the paper from both trays, and the machine still displays remove paper from center tray.

What does remove paper from center tray mean?

The reason that happens is because the message is referring to the exit tray on the machine. That is the area where you remove your printed pages. The exit tray is located in the center of the machine. So the message is accurate but not specific enough to avoid confusion.

What Is Causing The Remove Paper From Center Tray Message?

Usually when this comes up, it’s not because someone forgot to remove paper from the exit tray. It’s because the sensor arm has been moved out of position and the machine thinks there is paper in the exit tray. So the message is displayed on the operation panel to remove the paper.

There is a sensor arm located in the exit tray area to detect when the exit tray is full. Which means there is not room to put additional pages. On the Sharp MX C312 the output tray capacity is 250 sheets. So if you were running a job of 500 pages the exit area would become full during the print job and the machine would display the message to remove the paper from the center tray. After removing the paper from the exit tray the machine would continue to print the remaining pages of the print job.

Here is a recent email that a customer sent to me with this same problem

Hey Mark,

Hope you are well and enjoying the weekend.

There’s an error message on the office printer that I can’t resolve so it’s not printing. It says to remove paper from center tray. I’ve tried everything I can think of but can’t fix the problem. Are you able to come out tomorrow to work on it?

And this was my reply.

Hello Mr. Customer

I can look at it for you, but you may be able to clear it now and complete your print job. The message is referring to the exit tray. There is a sensor arm that moves up and down. It is there to tell the machine if the exit tray is full. 

It can be knocked out of place when removing paper. You can check it to see if it will pop back in place. But remember it’s plastic so move it gently. 

Have a great weekend

Sharp MX C312 Remove Paper From Center Tray Exit Tray Paper Sensor Flag

The sensor arm can be knocked out of place when removing paper. It does not happen often, but probably when someone is in a hurry they either bump it with their hands or the stack of paper when removing it. Usually the sensor arm can be gently put back in place with no harm to the machine.

Sharp MX C312 Remove Paper From Center Tray Summary

The message refers to the exit tray located in the center of the machine. Not the paper trays. The sensor arm located in the exit area may have been knocked out of place. You may be able to gently reposition the sensor arm. Be careful it’s made of plastic.

If you have tried this but are still having trouble, the exit tray sensor arm may need to be replaced, or the exit tray paper sensor could be bad. You should call a copier service technician to repair the machine. If your located in our service areas of North Florida or South Florida contact us. We would be happy to help you out.

Also Applies To Sharp Frontier Series Models

Sharp MX C310, Sharp MX C311, Sharp MX C312, Sharp MX C380, Sharp MX C381, Sharp MX C400, Sharp MX C400P, Sharp MX C401, Sharp MX C402SC, Sharp MX B382, Sharp MX B382P, Sharp MX B382SC, Sharp MX B402, Sharp MX B402SC

End of Sharp MX C312 Remove Paper From Center Tray

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Lines On Copies

Lines on Copies of a zebra

Lines On Copies

Lines on copies or printed pages can be caused by a few different things. Users can usually fix the most common causes without needing to call for service.

Manufacturer User Manuals have equipment specific instructions

Having a user manual and being familiar with it can help you complete the steps listed below.

Most user  manuals can be found with a quick search on the internet. Here is a link you can use to find user manuals listed by manufacturer

Black or Colored lines on copies

The most common problem is having a dirty glass. Sometimes you can’t see that the glass is dirty. It doesn’t take much for the scanner to pick it up and put lines on your copies.

Clean the Glass

There may be more than one glass, so clean all of them. Typically there is one large glass and a smaller one for the document feeder.

White out and corrective tape is frequently found on the glass, although it is white, it can still cause black lines on copies. Sometimes toner or ink from originals transfers and sticks to the glass.

Use a lint free towel (micro fiber towels work best), if you must use a paper towel be mindful of the lint left behind, it can be the source of new lines on copies.

Even small specs can cause problems, so look closely and at different angles to be sure the glass is squeaky clean. I use a razor blade to carefully shave the glass surface. You would be surprised how often unseen debris is stuck to the glass like glue.

Windex won’t hurt the glass but some technicians feel that it leaves a residue that will leave a haze or worse cause automatic document feeders to misfeed. Personally I’m neutral on using Windex. As long as you wipe the glass thoroughly you should be fine. A cloth damp with water works well enough most of the time.

The big glass on top of the machine is easy to find, but look for a smaller slit glass near the big glass, also on top of the machine. The slit glass is used with the document feeder. If you have one make sure you clean it too.

Your document feeder may also have a glass (typically on larger machines)in the paper feeding/scanning path. If it is assessable to you clean it as well.

Corona Wire / Grid Cleaner

Some machines will have a charge wire (corona wire / Charge Grid) cleaner for you to use. You will find it behind the front cover if your machine has one. The handle will be colored to stand out to help you find it. All you need to do is gently pull it out and push it back in. Repeat that in and out motion 3-4 times.

Clean the Laser Slit Glass

Most machines will have a way to clean the glass that the laser passes through on its way to writing on the drum. This is a very common cause of colored lines on copies with color machines. Also a common cause of black lines on copies for both black & white and color machines.

You will have to open the front cover of the machine, and probably have to remove the toner collection bottle. Then you need to find the cleaning tool (techs call it the toothbrush). Sometimes it is attached to the door, or in a compartment in the top paper tray. It will be long, it has to reach into the machine, and will have a brush or soft material on the end.

Then you need to identify the openings near the drum unit or units that the toothbrush goes into.

They will be marked with something colorful to attract your attention and make them easy to find.

The cleaning tool will only go in one way so don’t force it into the opening. Push the tool in gently, you may need to wiggle it a little bit. Push all the way until it stops and carefully remove it. Repeat this 3-4 times. If you have a color machine there will be 4 openings that will need to be cleaned. One for each drum unit.

Other Causes of Lines On Copies

If you have successfully completed the steps above and still have lines on your copies, your problem may require service to the machine. The drum could have lines on it, the fusing unit could have a worn roller, the transfer belt or transfer roller could be the cause. A developer unit may have a problem, or one of the cleaning units may be failing. You can try replacing those units, but they are expensive. It will probably save you money in the long run to hire a professional to identify the cause.

If your located in our service areas of North or South Fl contact us. We would be happy to help you out.

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How to Clear Print Job From Copier MFP Printer

copier wont print on fire

How to Clear Print Job From Copier MFP Printer.

Ricoh MP C5000
Ricoh MP C5000

This is an update to a recent article about not being able to print to your copier, printer or MFP, because of a print job being stuck in the printer queue.

The other article can be found here “Copier Won’t Print Top 3 Reasons Why”.

I had a service call from one of our clients yesterday that was experiencing this problem. They are a small local print shop and have two digital printers a Ricoh MP C5000 color MFP, and a Ricoh 2075 Black and white MFP. They have a single computer that they use to send print jobs to the two copiers.

So this is a very basic setup, nothing fancy going on here. The print shop owner was on the internet and tried to print directly from a webpage and the print job got stuck on both copiers. The print shop owner and the offset press operator took turns trying to clear the print job by turning the machines off then on. They also turned the computer off then on and were still not able to clear the print job.

Not only did this cause them frustration, but it also cost them some business. They had several walk in customers they could not service because the two machines were not accepting print jobs. One of the customers that had to be turned away wanted 2,000 color copies made, ouch.

Do Not Print Directly From A Webpage.

Ricoh Aficio 2075
Ricoh Aficio 2075

Let me be more specific about what I mean by saying, do not print directly from a webpage. I asked Mrs. Print Shop owner to show me how she sent the print job to the copier. So she opened up a web browser. And then she found a page with a recipe on it that she liked. Then she right clicked on the screen and clicked on print from the drop down menu. That or anything similar to this is printing direct from a webpage. Don’t do this, it will cause problems.

How to Print From a Webpage Correctly.

The best thing you can do to reliably print the content from the webpage is to download it to your computer first. And then print the file you downloaded. This works great if it’s downloadable content such as a PDF file or a JPG, Giff, Tiff, or PNG file.

If the webpage content you want to print is not in a downloadable format then you have a couple of options.  First look for a print icon, some websites make their content print friendly by providing a print button that will reformat the page into a format that most printers will understand.

If you can’t find a printer friendly option, highlight the text you want to print and paste it to your clipboard. Then open Word and paste it on the page. Then you can print from the word document.

How to Clear Print Job From Copier MFP Printer.

Now back to what you wanted to know.  Mrs. Print Shop owner spoke with our help line and followed their instructions but was still unable to get the printers working again. So she called me and I sent her a copy of the article I had written “Copier Won’t Print Top 3 Reasons Why” and I talked her through it over the phone. We were still unable to resolve the problem.

I really wanted to know why this was being so hard to correct. It was not a big mystery because the file path and print job name were displayed right on the operation panel for both copiers. Powering a copier, printer, or MFP down and restarting it will clear the print queue on the equipment (not the computer though). And she had already cleared the computers print queue, turned it off and back on again, and stopped the print spooler and restarted it.

So I went to visit Mrs. Print Shop owner and her two unruly machines. She is always pleasant and friendly, so I looked forward to solving this mystery for her.

Here are the steps I took to clear the stuck print job from the two copiers.

  1. Power down both copier machines.
  2. Disconnected the cat 5 (printer cables) cables from the copiers.
  3. On the computer, Go to the Control Panel.
  4. Go to Administrative tools.
  5. Go to Devices and Printers.
  6. Right click on the icon for the Ricoh MP C5000 printer and select See What’s Printing.
  7. Click on Printer.
  8. Click on Cancel All Documents.
  9. Right click on the icon for the Ricoh 2075 printer and select See What’s Printing.
  10. Click on Printer.
  11. Click on Cancel All Documents.
  12. Powered both copiers back up and made sure they came to ready. Made a test print.
  13. Reconnected the cat 5 (printer cables) for both copiers.
  14. Ran a test page from the printer properties page for both printers.

The above steps solved the problem, that for whatever reason we were unable to correct with over the phone support.

I hope this helps you dear reader if you’re having a similar problem. Please feel free to contact us if you are in our service areas of North Florida & South FLorida, we would be glad to help.

Our friendly and professional staff are available 8 AM – 5 PM Mon-Fri to answer questions and schedule appointments.

Call us at: 877-852-0044

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Dell 5130cdn paper jam but no paper is there

Dell 5130cdn paper jam no paper is there

Dell 5130cdn paper jam but no paper is there

If your Dell 5130cdn paper jam but no paper is there problem is reoccurring there a are a couple of things you can check before calling a service technician.

Dell 5130cdn Supplies Available Here

Printer comes to ready

Turn the machine off wait about 10 seconds and turn the printer back on. If the machine comes to ready, and does not show a paper jam, the paper is probably not feeding from the paper tray. Check to make sure the paper is not folded at the corners or for some other reason can’t be fed out of the tray by the paper feed rollers.

The paper feed rollers will become dirty and slip with time. They can be cleaned with just plain water or a mild soap and water solution. The easiest way to clean the paper feed rollers is to dampen a lint free cloth. Don’t use paper towels as they will come apart. Just wipe the rubber (or rubber like) feed rollers with the damp cloth and wipe them dry. This should only take a few minutes to do. Then try to print again. If the paper is still not feeding from the tray the feed rollers could be worn out. Or there could be another more involved problem that a printer technician can help repair.

Printer shows a paper jam immediately after turning it on

If after turning the machine off and then back on again, the printer immediately shows a paper jam condition, a sensor could be bad or being blocked. Check the paper path carefully with a flashlight and look for torn pieces of paper blocking a paper sensor or sensor flag. Paper sensors are usually located in the center of the paper path. Sensors are either of a reflective type or a photo interrupter.  Reflective paper sensors shine an infrared light onto the paper and the paper reflects the light back to the sensor. These can get covered with paper dust. Wiping them with a clean lint free rag is all that is needed to remove dust.

Photo interrupter sensors have a plastic flag that pivots when the paper hits the sensors flag. Photo interrupter sensors shine an infrared light across a gap and use a flag to interrupt the path of light. The flag uses either gravity or a small spring to return the to the resting position. Sometimes the plastic flag gets stuck and does not return to the resting position. If there is a small spring on the flag sometimes the spring gets knocked loose when paper is pulled out of the machine when clearing a paper jam. Check the plastic flags to make sure they pivot freely. These sensors can be cleaned with canned air or a lint free cloth by moving the sensor flag out of the resting position and blowing or wiping the dust from the sensor. If cleaning the sensors and checking the paper sensor flags does not correct the problem, a sensor could be bad and need replacing.


  1. Turn printer off wait 10 seconds and turn the printer back on
  2. Determine if the printer comes to ready or immediately shows a paper jam
  3. If the printer comes to ready make sure the paper can feed from the paper tray (bad paper, corners folded, slipping feed tires)
  4. If the printer does not come to ready and immediately shows a paper jam, make sure there are no small pieces of paper in the paper path
  5. Check the paper sensors (clean sensors and check sensor flags)

More information about clearing paper jams can be found in the users guide. Avoiding and clearing paper jams begins on page 371.

Dell 5130cdn Users Guide

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HP Color Laserjet 4700 Pink Copies

HP Color Laserjet 4700


HP Color Laserjet 4700 Pink Copies.

If your HP Color Laserjet 4700 Pink Copies problem is reoccurring or your printer is dumping toner it can be caused by more than one thing.

Defective Cartridges.

Replace the Cartridge.

Cartridges can have broken tabs, faulty shutters, broken or misaligned gears, or other internal problems that can cause them to fail. Be aware that non manufacturer brand cartridges or refurbished and refilled cartridges usually have a higher failure rate than the manufactures brand. Don’t forget to check the date on the cartridges, they have a shelf life and will not work properly if they are expired. You should also avoid mixing non manufacturer brand cartridges with original brand. The OEM cartridges have firmware in them that will degrade copy quality, use all one type.

Tray 1 Settings.

In some cases having tray one paper size is set to ANY will cause the printer to automatically release toner and perform a cleaning after every print job. This also occurs normally after every 90 pages, and after every calibration.

The source of extra cleanings for tray 1 is from the firmware in the DC Controller. The extra cleanings deposit more toner into the waste toner hopper. When the toner collection bins in the cartridge is full a clicking sound is heard, extra toner dumps in the machine, and the cleaning blade streaks occur. HP has since eliminated this extra cleaning feature for tray 1 from the firmware for the new DC Controllers. Change the settings for the tray 1 to letter or whatever size you are actually printing on. And replace the leaking cartridges.

Worn or Broken Cartridge Alienation Rod.

If after performing the above steps there is consistent toner dumping, it may be caused by out of place or damaged alienation rods which are located the within the transfer belt unit. An experienced technician will be needed to perform this step.


  1. Replace defective cartridge.
  2. Change tray one paper setting from ANY to the actual paper size.
  3. Have a service technician check for worn or damaged parts.

Also applies to models.

HP Color Laserjet 4700, HP Color Laserjet 4700dn, HP Color Laserjet 4700dtn, HP Color Laserjet 4700n, HP Color Laserjet 4700ph+, HP Color Laserjet CP 4005, HP Color Laserjet CP 4005dn, HP Color Laserjet CP 4005n.

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Copier Won’t Print Top 3 Reasons Why

woman at copier that wont print

Copier Won’t Print Top 3 Reasons Why

At Source One Solutions we get service calls in Florida almost every week where the reported problem is that the copier wont print. We find that often the cause is very simple. And the customer could have resolved the problem before calling a copier service technician.

Service calls are costly, not to mention when the copier won’t print it disrupts getting your work done. So here is a list of 3 simple things you can check. Taking a few minutes to check these 3 things might help you to resolve the problem before calling for service.

  1. A file being printed caused the print que to back up (Very common when printing directly from a web page)
  2. Bad network connection
  3. Incorrect printer driver settings

 A file being printed caused the print que to back up

Sometimes when you attempt to print a file from your computer, web page, photo, or a file directly from a website it can cause the printer to get locked up. The printer (for many reasons) can have trouble interpreting the commands and does not print. Then every job sent to the printer afterwards, backs up in the print queue and nothing comes out.

The print jobs need to be cleared from the printer queue and the machines memory.

The easiest way to do this is to first power down the copier (the machine will clear it’s memory on start up). Before turning the copier back on, clear the print jobs in the print queue by stopping the print spooler then restarting the print spooler. After the print queue has been cleared restart the copier. If you start the machine back up before clearing the print queue the copier will probably have the same problem.

Important Note

If you are on a network (other than a simple small home or small office network) be sure ask the network administrator to do this for you.

Left Click on the Start Button
Go to the Control Panel
Go to Administrative tools
Double click on Services
Right Click on Print Spooler
Click on Properties
On General Tab, Click on Stop
Then restart the print spooler by clicking on the Start button

Important Tip

To prevent the copier from getting locked up again, try to identify the file that is causing the problem. Also when printing files off a website, you will have fewer printing problems if you download the file to a local drive first. Then print the file from your local drive. Downloading the file first eliminates data transmission, web browser, and formatting errors.

MFP Cat 5 Network Connection Indicator LEDs
Both LEDs are on. That’s good. If only one is on then check the connection

Bad network connection

If the copier cannot communicate with the network it will not be able to receive the print jobs sent to it. An easy way to make sure the network connection is good is by looking at the indicator lights where the network cable plugs into the copier. There are two LEDs and they might both be green or one green and one amber. That will depend on the machine. Both should be lit. If one is lit and one is flashing, that indicates data is being transmitted and that’s good.

If only one LED is lit that indicates a problem with the network connection. Check the following:

  • Make sure the other end of the cable is not unplugged from the network jack
  • Check to see if the cable is unplugged from the router or network switch
  • Try plugging the cable into a different port on the router or network switch
  • Make sure the router and/or network switch have power

Incorrect printer driver settings

Sometimes people can are busy or preoccupied and overlook very simple printer driver settings. Here are a few to double check.

  • The correct printer has been selected
  • The correct paper size has been selected
  • If your copier requires a user code, be sure to enter it into the printer driver
  • The desired paper tray has been selected and there is paper in the tray

Although most of these suggestions are simple, we do receive quite a few service calls each week for these common problems. If you have tried them and still have problems with your printer it’s time to place a service call. If you’re in one of our North Florida, Central Florida, or South Florida service areas, please call us. We can dispatch a copier service technician today to help you get your copier printing again.

Our friendly and professional staff are available 8 AM – 5 PM Mon-Fri to answer questions and schedule appointments.

Call us at: 877-852-0044

Contact SOS life Preserver Icon

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Toner Collection Container

Sharp MX M363N Toner Collection Container MX 503HB

What is a Toner Collection Container?

If you see a message on your copier or printer that says Replace the Toner Collection Container, or something similar it can be confusing if you don't know what it is. The message is referring to a container (sometimes called a waste toner bottle) that is full and needs to be replaced.

On newer machines, say in the last 5-7 years it will almost always be a user replaceable item. On some older machines and maybe some newer ones (that I have not seen) a technician will be needed to remove and replace the toner collection bottle.

Where does the waste toner come from?

The waste toner bottle or waste Toner Collection Bottle contains the used toner from the machine that does not get transferred to the paper or media that is being printed on.

Copiers MFPs, and printers go through automatic copy quality adjustments that produce waste toner. The unused toner is then deposited in the waste toner container. During these adjustments toner patches are developed on the drum and then checked by sensors. This is how the machine ensures that the image quality stays consistent from print to print.

The patches are then cleaned off the drum and/or image transfer belt and the toner is deposited into the toner collection bottle. After a period of time the collection container becomes full and must be replaced.

Sharp MX C311

Where is the Toner Collection Container Located?

Usually the waste toner container is located behind the front cover of the machine. And will be simple to remove and replace. Refer to your models user manual for complete details. If you need a user manual for your machine you can download one by using this link user manual for my copier or printer.

Sharp MX B402

Can I just empty the Toner Collection Container?

It really depends on the individual collection container. Some can be emptied and put back in the machine, some cannot. Usually there will be a plug that can be removed so that it can be emptied, but even after being emptied some containers will continue to give a "Replace The Toner Collection Bottle" or "Toner Collection Container is full" message.

Sharp MX 3640N

Caution about emptying Toner Collection Containers.

If you decide to try emptying the toner collection container be aware that a huge cloud of toner will be the result. Toner particles are extremely small and will pass right through a typical vacuum cleaners bag and filter.  I recommend that you replace the bottle instead of trying to empty it. The toner will likely make a mess in your office. Also breathing the fine particles is bad for your health. And cleaning up is a real chore. Technicians have special vacuums and cleaning techniques to deal with this. Also be aware that if you try to vacuum the toner up with a regular vacuum cleaner the resulting dust cloud can be flammable.

Sharp MX 3110

Where can I get a Toner Collection Bottle?

Source One Solutions provides toner collection containers as well as other supplies for Sharp brand copiers and printers. Please contact us for your supply and service needs.

Our friendly and professional staff are available 8 AM – 5 PM Mon-Fri to answer questions and schedule appointments.

Call us at: 877-852-0044.

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Sharp MX B401

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Knowing a few windows shortcuts can really help keep your work flowing when you need to move around between programs. Here is a list of the shortcuts that I use most often.

I have the list printed out and I keep it in my desk drawer for a quick reference. I can’t always remember them and sometimes it’s a long time before I have occasion to use them. There is a link at the bottom of this page if you want to download the list to keep as a reference.

1. Screenshot Of The Current Active Window To Clipboard
Alt + Print

2. Open Windows Magnifier
Windows Logo Button + =

3. Launch Windows Explorer
Windows Logo Button + E

4. Find Files or Folders
Windows Logo Button + F

5. Search For Applications Or Programs
Windows Logo Button

6. Switch Between Windows
Alt  + Tab

7. Bring Up Desktop and Minimize All Open Windows
Windows Logo Button + D

8. Delete Item Immediately Without Placing It In The Recycle Bin
Shift + Delete

9. Page Backwards Or Forwards In Your Internet Browser
Alt + left arrow or right arrow

10. Open A New Tab In Browser
Ctrl + T

11. Move Between Tabs In A Web Browser
Ctrl + (1-9)

12. Switch Between Single Or Dual Monitor And Projector Modes
Windows Logo Button + P


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generic printer icon


I get asked this question a lot usually from people who want to set their color printer to print in black and white by default. Color printing is more expensive than printing in B&W so this is a good way to save some money.

By following this procedure you can change any setting (paper size, orientation, 2-sided print etc.) on the print driver to make it the new default setting.

Changing the printer default settings is very easy. All you need to do is go to the Devices and Printers menu and find the printer that you want to make the changes to. Then go to Printing preferences for that printer and make your changes. Make sure you click Apply before you close the window. If you just click OK your changes won’t be permanent.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to change printer default settings in windows 7

  • Start Button – On the lower left of your screen find the Start Button (arrow 1) and click on it.
  • Devices & Printers – When the popup menu appears click on devices and printers (arrow 2)

A window will open up showing your list of available printers.

  • Find the printer you want to make changes to and click to select it.

In this example it is a Ricoh printer. Notice the green check-mark next to the printer in the picture below. The green check-mark indicates this is the default printer.

  • Using the right mouse button right click on the printer’s icon. When the drop-down menu opens up click on Printing preferences.

Clicking on Printing preferences will open up the printer driver for the selected printer.

This is where you can make the changes to the printers default settings

  • Make your changes – for example: change the default to print out in B&W, or change the default to (duplex) print on both sides of the paper.
  • Remember to click the apply box to save your settings.

Important Note

The printer driver pictured here is for a Ricoh MP C2550 color MFP, the printer driver that you see will look different. Printer drivers vary between manufacturers and models. But generally they will have the same options but not necessarily in the same place. Don’t forget to look through the tabs at the top of the driver if you can’t find the setting you’re looking for.

Remember to click on the Apply button or your changes will not be remembered by the printer driver. Clicking OK will not make the changes permanent.

Also remember to close and reopen any programs such as Word. The new printer default settings may not take effect in an open program until you restart it.

Congratulations, now you know how to change printer default settings in windows 7