Copier Won’t Print Top 3 Reasons Why

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Copier Won’t Print Top 3 Reasons Why

At Source One Solutions we get service calls in Florida almost every week where the reported problem is that the copier wont print. We find that often the cause is very simple. And the customer could have resolved the problem before calling a copier service technician.

Service calls are costly, not to mention when the copier won’t print it disrupts getting your work done. So here is a list of 3 simple things you can check. Taking a few minutes to check these 3 things might help you to resolve the problem before calling for service.

  1. A file being printed caused the print que to back up (Very common when printing directly from a web page)
  2. Bad network connection
  3. Incorrect printer driver settings

 A file being printed caused the print que to back up

Sometimes when you attempt to print a file from your computer, web page, photo, or a file directly from a website it can cause the printer to get locked up. The printer (for many reasons) can have trouble interpreting the commands and does not print. Then every job sent to the printer afterwards, backs up in the print queue and nothing comes out.

The print jobs need to be cleared from the printer queue and the machines memory.

The easiest way to do this is to first power down the copier (the machine will clear it’s memory on start up). Before turning the copier back on, clear the print jobs in the print queue by stopping the print spooler then restarting the print spooler. After the print queue has been cleared restart the copier. If you start the machine back up before clearing the print queue the copier will probably have the same problem.

Important Note

If you are on a network (other than a simple small home or small office network) be sure ask the network administrator to do this for you.

Left Click on the Start Button
Go to the Control Panel
Go to Administrative tools
Double click on Services
Right Click on Print Spooler
Click on Properties
On General Tab, Click on Stop
Then restart the print spooler by clicking on the Start button

Important Tip

To prevent the copier from getting locked up again, try to identify the file that is causing the problem. Also when printing files off a website, you will have fewer printing problems if you download the file to a local drive first. Then print the file from your local drive. Downloading the file first eliminates data transmission, web browser, and formatting errors.

MFP Cat 5 Network Connection Indicator LEDs
Both LEDs are on. That’s good. If only one is on then check the connection

Bad network connection

If the copier cannot communicate with the network it will not be able to receive the print jobs sent to it. An easy way to make sure the network connection is good is by looking at the indicator lights where the network cable plugs into the copier. There are two LEDs and they might both be green or one green and one amber. That will depend on the machine. Both should be lit. If one is lit and one is flashing, that indicates data is being transmitted and that’s good.

If only one LED is lit that indicates a problem with the network connection. Check the following:

  • Make sure the other end of the cable is not unplugged from the network jack
  • Check to see if the cable is unplugged from the router or network switch
  • Try plugging the cable into a different port on the router or network switch
  • Make sure the router and/or network switch have power

Incorrect printer driver settings

Sometimes people can are busy or preoccupied and overlook very simple printer driver settings. Here are a few to double check.

  • The correct printer has been selected
  • The correct paper size has been selected
  • If your copier requires a user code, be sure to enter it into the printer driver
  • The desired paper tray has been selected and there is paper in the tray

Although most of these suggestions are simple, we do receive quite a few service calls each week for these common problems. If you have tried them and still have problems with your printer it’s time to place a service call. If you’re in one of our North Florida, Central Florida, or South Florida service areas, please call us. We can dispatch a copier service technician today to help you get your copier printing again.

Our friendly and professional staff are available 8 AM – 5 PM Mon-Fri to answer questions and schedule appointments.

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