Dell 5130cdn paper jam but no paper is there

Dell 5130cdn paper jam no paper is there

Dell 5130cdn paper jam but no paper is there

If your Dell 5130cdn paper jam but no paper is there problem is reoccurring there a are a couple of things you can check before calling a service technician.

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Printer comes to ready

Turn the machine off wait about 10 seconds and turn the printer back on. If the machine comes to ready, and does not show a paper jam, the paper is probably not feeding from the paper tray. Check to make sure the paper is not folded at the corners or for some other reason can’t be fed out of the tray by the paper feed rollers.

The paper feed rollers will become dirty and slip with time. They can be cleaned with just plain water or a mild soap and water solution. The easiest way to clean the paper feed rollers is to dampen a lint free cloth. Don’t use paper towels as they will come apart. Just wipe the rubber (or rubber like) feed rollers with the damp cloth and wipe them dry. This should only take a few minutes to do. Then try to print again. If the paper is still not feeding from the tray the feed rollers could be worn out. Or there could be another more involved problem that a printer technician can help repair.

Printer shows a paper jam immediately after turning it on

If after turning the machine off and then back on again, the printer immediately shows a paper jam condition, a sensor could be bad or being blocked. Check the paper path carefully with a flashlight and look for torn pieces of paper blocking a paper sensor or sensor flag. Paper sensors are usually located in the center of the paper path. Sensors are either of a reflective type or a photo interrupter.  Reflective paper sensors shine an infrared light onto the paper and the paper reflects the light back to the sensor. These can get covered with paper dust. Wiping them with a clean lint free rag is all that is needed to remove dust.

Photo interrupter sensors have a plastic flag that pivots when the paper hits the sensors flag. Photo interrupter sensors shine an infrared light across a gap and use a flag to interrupt the path of light. The flag uses either gravity or a small spring to return the to the resting position. Sometimes the plastic flag gets stuck and does not return to the resting position. If there is a small spring on the flag sometimes the spring gets knocked loose when paper is pulled out of the machine when clearing a paper jam. Check the plastic flags to make sure they pivot freely. These sensors can be cleaned with canned air or a lint free cloth by moving the sensor flag out of the resting position and blowing or wiping the dust from the sensor. If cleaning the sensors and checking the paper sensor flags does not correct the problem, a sensor could be bad and need replacing.


  1. Turn printer off wait 10 seconds and turn the printer back on
  2. Determine if the printer comes to ready or immediately shows a paper jam
  3. If the printer comes to ready make sure the paper can feed from the paper tray (bad paper, corners folded, slipping feed tires)
  4. If the printer does not come to ready and immediately shows a paper jam, make sure there are no small pieces of paper in the paper path
  5. Check the paper sensors (clean sensors and check sensor flags)

More information about clearing paper jams can be found in the users guide. Avoiding and clearing paper jams begins on page 371.

Dell 5130cdn Users Guide

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