How to Clear Print Job From Copier MFP Printer

copier wont print on fire

How to Clear Print Job From Copier MFP Printer.

Ricoh MP C5000
Ricoh MP C5000

This is an update to a recent article about not being able to print to your copier, printer or MFP, because of a print job being stuck in the printer queue.

The other article can be found here “Copier Won’t Print Top 3 Reasons Why”.

I had a service call from one of our clients yesterday that was experiencing this problem. They are a small local print shop and have two digital printers a Ricoh MP C5000 color MFP, and a Ricoh 2075 Black and white MFP. They have a single computer that they use to send print jobs to the two copiers.

So this is a very basic setup, nothing fancy going on here. The print shop owner was on the internet and tried to print directly from a webpage and the print job got stuck on both copiers. The print shop owner and the offset press operator took turns trying to clear the print job by turning the machines off then on. They also turned the computer off then on and were still not able to clear the print job.

Not only did this cause them frustration, but it also cost them some business. They had several walk in customers they could not service because the two machines were not accepting print jobs. One of the customers that had to be turned away wanted 2,000 color copies made, ouch.

Do Not Print Directly From A Webpage.

Ricoh Aficio 2075
Ricoh Aficio 2075

Let me be more specific about what I mean by saying, do not print directly from a webpage. I asked Mrs. Print Shop owner to show me how she sent the print job to the copier. So she opened up a web browser. And then she found a page with a recipe on it that she liked. Then she right clicked on the screen and clicked on print from the drop down menu. That or anything similar to this is printing direct from a webpage. Don’t do this, it will cause problems.

How to Print From a Webpage Correctly.

The best thing you can do to reliably print the content from the webpage is to download it to your computer first. And then print the file you downloaded. This works great if it’s downloadable content such as a PDF file or a JPG, Giff, Tiff, or PNG file.

If the webpage content you want to print is not in a downloadable format then you have a couple of options.  First look for a print icon, some websites make their content print friendly by providing a print button that will reformat the page into a format that most printers will understand.

If you can’t find a printer friendly option, highlight the text you want to print and paste it to your clipboard. Then open Word and paste it on the page. Then you can print from the word document.

How to Clear Print Job From Copier MFP Printer.

Now back to what you wanted to know.  Mrs. Print Shop owner spoke with our help line and followed their instructions but was still unable to get the printers working again. So she called me and I sent her a copy of the article I had written “Copier Won’t Print Top 3 Reasons Why” and I talked her through it over the phone. We were still unable to resolve the problem.

I really wanted to know why this was being so hard to correct. It was not a big mystery because the file path and print job name were displayed right on the operation panel for both copiers. Powering a copier, printer, or MFP down and restarting it will clear the print queue on the equipment (not the computer though). And she had already cleared the computers print queue, turned it off and back on again, and stopped the print spooler and restarted it.

So I went to visit Mrs. Print Shop owner and her two unruly machines. She is always pleasant and friendly, so I looked forward to solving this mystery for her.

Here are the steps I took to clear the stuck print job from the two copiers.

  1. Power down both copier machines.
  2. Disconnected the cat 5 (printer cables) cables from the copiers.
  3. On the computer, Go to the Control Panel.
  4. Go to Administrative tools.
  5. Go to Devices and Printers.
  6. Right click on the icon for the Ricoh MP C5000 printer and select See What’s Printing.
  7. Click on Printer.
  8. Click on Cancel All Documents.
  9. Right click on the icon for the Ricoh 2075 printer and select See What’s Printing.
  10. Click on Printer.
  11. Click on Cancel All Documents.
  12. Powered both copiers back up and made sure they came to ready. Made a test print.
  13. Reconnected the cat 5 (printer cables) for both copiers.
  14. Ran a test page from the printer properties page for both printers.

The above steps solved the problem, that for whatever reason we were unable to correct with over the phone support.

I hope this helps you dear reader if you’re having a similar problem. Please feel free to contact us if you are in our service areas of North Florida & South FLorida, we would be glad to help.

Our friendly and professional staff are available 8 AM – 5 PM Mon-Fri to answer questions and schedule appointments.

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