How to Repair Bizhub C35 Check Scanner Lock Lever Error

Bizhub C35 Check Scanner Lock Lever

How to Repair Bizhub C35 Check Scanner Lock Lever Error.

The Bizhub C35 Check Scanner Lock Lever error is a very common problem. Sometimes it is simple to fix. Just unlock the lock lever and it will clear the error message. But it can also be caused by dirt buildup on the scanner rails or a broken scanner drive belt.

What is a scanner lock lever?

The scanner lock lever switch is located on the top left side of the scanner. The scanner lock switch should be in the unlocked position. It should only be in a locked position when moving the machine. It is supposed to prevent the scanner from sliding and possibly being damaged when the machine is moved. If unlocking the switch corrects the problem, you’re in luck. If not keep reading.

What causes the error?

The “Check Scanner Lock Lever” error is displayed when the scanner can not move to the home position. Anything that prevents free movement of the scanner can cause this error code.

As these machines age the scanner units start to have more problems. Dust and grime build up on the rails causing the scanner to bind. And the scanner drive belts tend to break at the ends. The ends of the belt are looped and secured to the frame. On one end with a screw and on the other end with a spring.

If the error is intermittent and goes away after turning the machine off and on, check for dirty rails. Cleaning and lubricating the sliding surfaces usually takes care of the problem.

If the error is consistent, check for a broken belt. Replacing the belt is not usually necessary. The drive force of the scanner is minimal and does not put a lot of tension on the belt. I have used small zip ties to secure the loop on the belt.How to Repair Bizhub C35 Check Scanner Lock Lever Error

That didn’t fix the problem what else can I try?

I have talked with other technicians who have found it necessary to replace the main board, ribbon cables, or scanner unit.

Bizhub C35 Check Scanner Lock Lever Error Summary.

  • Check that the scanner lock lever is in the unlocked position.
  • Clean and lubricate the scanner rails, especially for intermittent occurrence.
  • Check the scanner drive belt for breakage.

The scanner drive belt was not listed as a replacement part in the original parts manual. Later editions of the parts manual list the part number for the scanner drive belt as A121PP0N00.

This information also applies to the NEC My Office C350 which is the same machine.

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