HP Laserjet 2420 Jam In Tray 2

HP Laserjet 2420

HP Laserjet 2420 Jam In Tray 2

A common cause of misfeeds and paper jams in printers are dirty or worn paper feed rollers. Cleaning a paper feed roller will often correct the problem. Or get you by until a replacement roller can be installed on the printer.

If your HP Laserjet 2420 is having trouble feeding from tray 2, try the steps below.

Jam Inside Top Cover message may also be displayed.

Applies to HP Laserjet 2400 Series Models

HP Laserjet 2410, HP Laserjet 2420, HP Laserjet 2430

Remove The Tray 2 Feed Tire

You will need to remove the paper tray 2 feed tire to clean and inspect it properly. Removing the paper feed roller on this model is a little tricky.

Instructions for removing and replacing the tray 2 feed tire can be found in the HP Laserjet 2400 series service manual. The instructions begin on page 152.

You can download the HP laserjet 2400 series service manual here.

Clean The Tray 2 Feed Tire

After removing the paper feed tire you can clean it with plain water or soapy water, either will work fine. Make sure you dry the tire before reinstalling it on the machine.

Inspect The Tray 2 Feed Tire

The feed tire should have small grooves on it to grip the paper. If the tire is slick cleaning should help but the feed tire is worn and needs to be replaced to prevent paper jams from occurring.

When replacing the feed tire its a good idea to also replace the separation pad located in the paper try. The separation pad prevents more than one sheet of paper from coming out of the paper try at one time. If the separation pad is worn (it should be completely flat) you will have multiple sheet feeding from the paper tray.


Make sure the Idler Rollers on the paper tray 2 feed tire shaft rotate freely. I have seen replacement feed rollers that are not properly polished on the idler roller shafts. The rough surface prevents the idler rollers from rotateing freely. This will cause paper jams from try 2 even after replacing the feed tire.

Also I recommend replacing the separation pad as an assembly vs just replacing the pad. When replacing the separation pad there is a plastic hook that can be easily deformed. This makes installing the new pad difficult and may cause the separation pad to be out of position.

HP Laserjet 2420 Jam In Tray 2 Summary

Applies to HP Laserjet 2400 Series Models

HP Laserjet 2410, HP Laserjet 2420, HP Laserjet 2430

  • Remove paper tray 2 feed tire.
  • Clean with water or soapy water (dry completely before reinstalling).
  • Inspect feed tire for slick areas that indicate a worn feed tire.
  • Replace the feed tire & separation pad at the same time.
  • Make sure the idler rollers can rotate freely
  • Replace the separation pad as an assembly.

If you are still having paper jams or you find these instructions to be difficult you should call you’re local printer repairman.

If you are in our service areas of North Florida or South Florida please give us a call. We would be happy help you out.

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