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If you have time to shop around and look at all the cool features of today’s printers and copiers at the local office store, here is what you will find.

  • Low initial cost
  • High recurring supply costs
  • Lots of features
  • Machines that break easily

Low Initial Cost

The prices of the machines are very low which makes them available to almost anyone. Low prices are great when your buying the machine, but there are costs to use and maintain the equipment. This is the cost of ownership. In our industry it’s refereed to as Total Cost of Ownership or TCO. The TCO is the entire cost associated with the operation of a printer, copier, or MFP over the expected lifetime of that equipment.

High Recurring Supply Costs

Most people tend to only consider toner or ink as supply items. But toner is only one of the supply items your equipment will require. For laser printer based equipment you will need to replace drum units, imaging units, fusing units, toner collection bottles, feed tires, and perhaps more. All of the parts have a usable life expectancy and will require replacement at some interval. This is where you’re low priced printer starts to cost you some money. And this is why commercial printers and copiers make more sense for a business. Commercial level equipment will have higher page yield intervals on these consumable parts resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.

Lots of Features

The machines have lots of features but they won’t do you any good if you don’t know what they are or how to use them. Configuring machines to work on a network as a printer or scanner can be time consuming and frustrating. Some machines will come with installation software that may help with setting up the machine but configuring the equipment is tricky even for experienced users.

Machines That Break Easily

For home use the equipment typically will be adequate. However in a work environment there are other factors to consider. Does the machine have enough processing power and memory to quickly and efficiently process your documents. Is the machine durable enough to endure the office workers who will be pulling and poking at it. Document feeders and paper trays are two areas of the machine that will be handled most often. Fixing or replacing them can cost more than replacing an inexpensive machine. And they are often the first thing to break on low cost equipment,

Printers and Copiers Buyers Tips Summary

Buying SOHO (small office home office) printer or copier for your business will probably cost you more money than you think. Supplies are expensive and need frequent replacement often running out just when you need them. Low cost machines break easily and can cost more to repair than to replace.

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