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A multifunction printer or copier (MFP) by it’s very name lets you know it performs numerous functions. But just what are all these mysterious functions? Do you really need them? If your business interacts with people or other businesses than yes you’ll be needing the multifunction capability of modern business printers and copiers.

Multifunction Printers and Copiers Basic Functions


Way back before computers ran the business world, people just wanted to make copies. The typewriter was king, but a copier was faster and would copy anything you could put on the glass. So every office needed one. And everybody was happy with the increase in office efficiency.


Then computers made their way into the office, no longer just a hobby for enthusiasts. They became a replacement for middle management and soon after the typewriters were put in the back room, just in case. With powerful word processing programs it was easy to write reports and memos. Printers were needed to printout the growing amount of documents necessary to keep business moving.


Fax machines were there too. With all the copies, reports, memos, and printouts it was critical to be able to send them out at a moments notice. And the fax worked hard when it worked.


Then someone figured out that all the copies, reports, memos and printouts had to go back into the computer from whence they came. And so the office scanner made it’s way into the modern office.

This is the foundation that multifunction printers and copiers are built on.

Four Office Machines Each Requiring Separate Supplies And Maintenance

With the 4 basic office machines along with computers & networks in every office. It was Happy days for office equipment companies. Because, the copier needed supplies and maintenance, the printer needed supplies and maintenance, the fax needed supplies and maintenance and the scanner, well it just needed maintenance.

Why Not Get One Machine To Do It All

Combining all 4 of the staple business machines was the obvious next step. It reduces the amount of equipment and supplies taking up space in your office. It also saves you the money and time required to manage supplies and equipment repair on 4 separate machines. Not to mention figuring out how to operate one machine easier then researching the operation manuals on 4 different machines.

Which Multifunction Printer Or Copier Do You Need

The copier industry separates Printers and Copiers by speed into different segments

Personal Copiers 1-10 cpm (copies per minute)

  • Segment 1 – 11-20 cpm
  • Segment 2 – 21-30 cpm
  • Segment 3 – 31-45 cpm
  • Segment 4 – 46-69 cpm
  • Segment 5 – 70-90 cpm
  • Segment 6 – 91+ cpm

Printers and Copiers Understanding Options Summary

Multifunction printers and copiers allow one device to perform the tasks of the 4 basic office machines. Having one machine reduces equipment costs, space requirements, supply inventory problems, and the need to pay the maintenance and repair costs for multiple machines.

  • Copier – make copies of originals from a document feeder or the document glass
  • Printer – print from a single computer or as a network printer for multiple workstations
  • Scanner – Scan to email, network folder, FTP, MFP hard drive, and sometimes to a USB port
  • Fax – Fax documents typically faster, with better quality, and with more user options

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