Sharp MX 2615N MX 3115N F2-25


Sharp MX 2615N MX 3115N F2-25.

This blog post will show how to find the cause of the Sharp MX 2615N MX 3115N F2-25 error code.

The F2-25 error code will prevent the machine from working. First try to clear the code by turning the machine off. Turn off with the power switch on the control panel. Then turn off the main power switch. The main power switch is inside the front cover. Open the front cover and the main power switch is on the bottom left. Then turn the machine back on. If after turning on the machine the error reoccurs, call a service tech.

The repair info below is for trained service techs.  A basic knowledge of working on MFPs is needed to perform the steps below. An untrained person doing repairs may cause more harm to the machine.

Also applies to machine models:

  • Sharp MX 2615N.
  • Sharp MX 3115N.
  • Sharp MX 2616N.
  • Sharp MX3616N.

Also applies to service codes:

  • F2-22 Discharge lamp trouble Black (K).
  • F2-23 Discharge lamp trouble Cyan (C).
  • F2-24 Discharge lamp trouble Magenta (M).
  • F2-25 Discharge lamp trouble Yellow (Y).

The error code means:

The lamp is kept open for 1 second from turning on the discharge lamp. The lamp doesn't come on.

Likely causes.

  1. Contact trouble between the discharge lamp PWB and the PCU PWB. (Bad connection)
  2. Discharge lamp PWB trouble. (Bad discharge LED, which is mounted on a small PWB)
  3. PCU PWB trouble. (Bad PCU board)

The discharge lamp is a small LED. The DL LED is mounted on a small board.

Sharp MX 2615N MX 3115N F2-25 Discharge Lamp LED

The discharge LEDs can be found on the frame behind the main drive section. And they are hard to get at. Swapping the LED with one from a different color would help you find out if the LED is bad or not. When you swap the LEDs, if the error code changed to the color that you moved it too, it would mean the LED is at fault. But it is not easy to get to the LED. It is faster to check the drive signal from the PCU PWB.

Sharp MX 2615N MX 3115N PCU PWB location image 2

Check the signal:

Remove the back cover from the machine. Find the PCU PWB. Find connector 14. Set your multi meter to read 5VDC. Place the black or negative lead to ground on the machine frame. Place the red or positive lead to the correct pin as listed below on connector 14.

Signal Name Function L H Connector Pin PWB
DL_K Discharge lamp black Discharge the drum OFF ON CN14 8 PCU
DL_C Discharge lamp cyan Discharge the drum OFF ON CN14 4 PCU
DL_M Discharge lamp magenta Discharge the drum OFF ON CN14 7 PCU
DL_Y Discharge lamp yellow Discharge the drum OFF ON CN14 3 PCU
MX 2615N PCU PWB CN 14 Image
MX 2615N PCU PWB CN 14 Image closeup

On connector 14 the pins are numbered like this chart. Check your board to be sure.

2 1
4 3
6 5
8 7

Enter the service mode and turn on the discharge lamp.

Sim 5-4

Used to check the discharge lamp and control circuit. The discharge lamp is turned on for 30 seconds.

DL_K Discharge lamp K
DL_C Discharge lamp C
DL_M Discharge lamp M
DL_Y Discharge lamp Y

Press the execute key, the lamp signal will go high about 2.9VDC. If the signal does not change from low to a high state, the PCU PWB may be at fault.

Sharp MX 2615N MX 3115N F2-25 summary.

  1. Try to clear by turning the machine off and on.
  2. Enter sim 5-4 to turn on the discharge lamp.
  3. Check the signal at the PCU PWB for a change from low to high.
  4. If no change of state PCU PWB is the likely fault.
  5. If signal changes from low to high the discharge LED is the likely fault. 

If you find the information provided in this article to be outside of your skill level you should call a local copier tech.

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