Sharp MX 4141N Review

Sharp MX 4141N

Sharp MX 4141N Review

The Sharp MX 4141N is a 41 page per minute full color work group document system introduced by Sharp in July 2013 as a replacement for the MX 4111N model.

The MX 4141N base model includes wireless LAN, retractable keyboard, multitasking controller, Sharp OSA® technology – Application Communication and External Accounting modules, 320 GB hard drive with document filing system, PCL®6 and Adobe® PostScript® 3™ printing systems, network printing, network scanning with Compact PDF feature, 150-sheet duplexing single-pass feeder, auto duplexing, two 500-sheet paper drawers and 100-sheet bypass tray.  Standard security features include Group Account Management, 256-Bit Data Encryption, Data Overwrite Protection, Confidential Printing, IP/MAC Address Filtering, Port Management, and End-of-Lease Data Erase.

Enhancements Over Prior Sharp Model MX 4141N

The MX 4141N has many enhanced features over the earlier model.

  • A quicker more responsive 10.1″ high resolution touch screen display.
  • Enhanced user interface featuring tap, flick, slide, and zoom style navigation.
  • Pantone Matching System allowing high color fidelity without the need of a Fiery controller.
  • Wireless LAN capability providing more convenient connectivity to mobile devices.
  • Faster 1.8 GHz processor for increased responsiveness and quicker job processing.
  • True Adobe Postscript 3 printing means it works with Apple computers out of the box.
  • Compact PDF functionality that can reduce the size of scanned color documents as much as 75%.
  • Standard memory increased to 4GB from 3GB.
  • Larger hard drive storage capacity of 320GB from 160GB.
  • Able to handle heavier paper weights up to 110 lb. cover, 300 gsm (prior model 253 gsm).

For a complete list of enhanced features download the Key Feature Comparison Report.

Touch Screen Display

Sharp MX 4141N Review Touch Screen Photo

The large 10.1″ multi-touch screen can be customized and tailored to your workflow. It can have as few as 2 buttons on the screen or as many as 20. The individual buttons can be programmed to perform a task with any amount of variables. This can be a big time saver. A company logo can be placed on the screen as a custom background as well.

The high-resolution touch-screen can be tilted to prevent glare from windows or lights from obscuring your view. Real-time image previews allow intuitive editing via simple finger gestures. Pages can be reordered, rotated or blank pages removed from the file at the operation panel. This allows you to check your documents before sending them to their destination.

Sharp MX4141N Review Editing at Touch Screen

Web Browser Interface (Option)

The optional web browser allows internet browsing and printing of web pages directly from the touch screen.

Cloud-based software and network hosting is now common in many offices. It has become increasingly important for the office MFP to be able to connect to both internal networks and the internet to let employees access and print documents.

Sharp MX 4141N Review Web Interface

Web Browser Feature Includes A Built-in PDF Viewer

If a web page includes a link to a PDF file, you can display the PDF file by tapping the link.

Sharp MX 4141N Review PDF Viewer

Open Source Architecture (OSA)

Sharp’s Open System Architecture (OSA), allows third-party software developers to create custom applications to link the MFP to software programs on a server, PC, and cloud based services. OSA technology ensures the MFPs compatibility with current and future software applications.


Security features include user authentication, secure data encryption and erasure.

Sharp’s industry leading 256-bit data encryption and 7x overwrite protection make sure you’re intellectual property is well protected.

End-Of-Lease data wipe

The end-of-Lease feature over writes all document and user data 7 times. This ensures all business and personal information has been removed from the hard drive and memory.

Authority Groups

Account management settings can be set to limit access to features such as color printing, scanning, faxing.

User Authentication

Can be enabled requiring authorized users to login before performing any operations.

Network Security

IP/MAC address filtering, SSL encryption, protocol enable/disable, and port management, IEEE 802.1x authentication.

Confidential Printing

When used, unauthorized viewing of queued documents is prevented by requiring a PIN code to be entered before printing a document. The Secured Fax Release function can also be enabled to require a PIN code to be entered before printing an incoming fax. These features help meet compliance with healthcare regulations such as HIPAA.

Data Security Kit (optional)

For maximum protection an optional Data Security Kit is available which offers additional security features. Data Overwrite on demand and at power up, document filing access control, incorrect password lockout, restricted status display and list printing.

Wireless LAN

The built-in wireless network, lets guest users print and scan without having to access the company’s corporate network. The MFP’s “Point-to-Point” mode establishes a direct wireless connection to mobile devices, which is isolated from the wired LAN.

For additional Sharp security information visit  Sharps Document-Systems Security page.


Billing codes can be set up to record when a print or send job has been executed for any of your clients. This feature is useful when processing billing. Billing codes are classified into two types, main code and sub code. A billing code is recorded in the job log when it is entered and a print or send job is executed. The Billing code information can be downloaded from the machine as a spreadsheet via your desktop PC.

Sharp MX 4141N Billing codes

Print Quality

Sharp’s second-generation Mycrostoner-HG (High Grade) and an improved imaging system combine to allow the full spectrum of color reproduction in crisp, sharp detail. Micro-fine toner technology and true 1200 x 1200 dpi print resolution produce professional looking color documents in-house with breathtaking image quality.

The MX 4141N delivers fast, high-resolution copying and printing to render text documents, photographs, illustrations, maps, and graphs—including fine lines and small print—with breathtaking precision and clarity.

Pantone(C) Licensing offers unprecedented levels of color fidelity to the Pantone Matching System.

Sharp MX 4141N Review Auto Color Mode

Wireless Access

For iPhone and iPad users Apple AirPrint is built-in. When you’re device is on the office’s WiFi network simply select the printer and send it out. And documents scanned on a Sharp MX4141N can be sent to a mobile device to preview and save.

Sharp’s built-in wireless networking provides printing and scanning for guest users, without having to access the company’s corporate network. This is important for network security.

Sharp MX 4141N Review of Wireless Network

There is an available infrastructure mode for wireless communication on a customer’s wireless network. This allows wireless connection of the MX 4141N to a wireless network eliminating the need for a wired connection.


The high-speed Duplex Single Pass Feeder can hold up to 150 sheets. The dual head document scanner scans both sides of a 2-sided original with one pass, no flipping. This allows scanning speeds are up to 170 images per minute, which makes the machine very productive when scanning to an email address, network folder, FTP server or USB storage media.

With the advanced Preview function users can check and edit document finishes, such as blank page removal or insertion, rotating images, reordering originals, removing artifacts, color mode, page layout, reduce & enlarge, and staple position, before actual execution.

The Sharp OSA (open systems architecture) allows the ability to integrate scanning with several enterprise software solutions.

With the standard compact PDF feature scanned color document file size can be reduced as much as 75 percent with virtually no quality loss. This reduces network traffic and provides more efficient use of file storage space.

Retractable QWERTY keyboard allows easy data entry when naming files, adding subject information or performing text entry.

Sharp MX 4141N Keyboard 350



Finishing Options

Digital offset sorting is standard on this unit. For more production capabilities a stapling finisher can be added along with a 3-hole punch if you choose. Four different finishers are available. A 500-sheet space saving compact inner finisher, 1,000-sheet saddle stitch finisher that saddle stitches up to 15 sheets to produce 60-page booklets, 4,000-sheet saddle stitch finisher or a 4000-sheet stacking finisher with two trays (1550 and 2450 sheets) are available. The saddle stitch finishers can fold and staple print jobs creating booklets. All finishers offer three-position stapling and optional 3-hole punch.

Sharp MX 4141N Review Options Chart

Paper Tray Options

1 – 500 Sheet adjustable tray  (up to 12″X18″)

2 – 500 Sheet adjustable trays (up to 12″x18′)

2000 Sheet tandem paper drawer (11″x8.5″ only)

Large Capacity Tray (LCT) 3,500 Sheets

Long Paper Feeding Tray – for use with banner paper


Super G3 with JBIG compression, 1024 MB of dedicated fax memory, broadcasting to 500 groups and 500 destinations, 2000 speed-dial destinations, automatic stapling of received faxes, secure fax release, and duplexed receptions. Incoming faxes can be forwarded to e-mail or network folder. Faxes can also be sent from a PC with the PC fax driver.

For a complete list of available options download the Product Configuration Chart.

Sharp MX 4141N Industry Awards

Buyers Laboratory a third party independent testing facility has awarded the MX 4141N with both it’s Certificate of Recommendation and the Certificate of Reliability.

Sharp MX 4141N BLI Highly Recommended 2The 2015 BLI Certificate of Recommendation states that this model has been awarded the Highly Recommended rating and seal of approval based on the successful completion of Buyers Laboratory independent tests.

Sharp MX 4141N 2015 BLI Reliability Certificate

The 2015 BLI Certificate of Reliability states that this model has been awarded the Reliability Certified rating based on the successful completion of Buyers Laboratory 150,000 impression durability test.

Sharp MX 4141N Review Summary

Overall the Sharp MX 4141N is a highly capable machine that is the culmination of Sharps continual refinement of their already outstanding line up of multi-function printers. You can rest assured that while this machine has many advanced features, it is still very easy to use. The large easy to read touch screen and intuitive nature of the menus make it simple for even first time users. And with the available options the machine can be configured to meet the requirements of almost any office.

From a service and reliability standpoint the Sharp MX series machines are reliable, easy to maintain, and provide excellent on board troubleshooting tools. This ensure that down time for regular maintenance is minimal.

At Source One Solutions we find that our customer and service technician feedback on these models is universally positive. If you are looking for a new machine we highly recommend you give the Sharp MX 4141N your full consideration.

Download the Sharp MX 4141N Brochure

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