Sharp MX C250 Review

Sharp MX C250

Sharp MX C250 Review

The first thing you will notice about the Sharp MX C250 is that it is very compact. And will fit easily on a tabletop or cabinet. Although small in size it is a feature rich high quality color multifunction copier. If you have limited space, then this is the MFP you want for your office or work group. Typically compact multifunction copiers come with a very high supply and maintenance cost. But this machine with it’s modular design was intended from the start to be economical with low maintenance costs.

Sharp MX C250 Review
Sharp MX C250 Multifunction Copier

Sharp MX C250 Review Of Main Features

Print Speed

The print speed is 25 pages per minute for both color and black and white images. Which is a good print speed for offices that are not running print jobs hundreds of pages in length.


17″ (W) X 20″ (D) X 15 3/4″ (H)

The MX-C250 will fit into tight work areas or on your desktop. Now you can have advanced technology and professional quality output even with limited space.

35 Sheet Single Pass Automatic Document Feeder

The automatic document feeder provides 9 pages per minute color and 19 pages per minute black & white scanning so processing multiple page documents is quick and easy. However the document feeder is a single pass design and does not automatically reverse the original for two sided scanning. This must be done manually.

Stackless Duplex Module

The built-in stackless duplex module is an extremely reliable design that results in fewer paper jams. The duplex unit allows duplex printing but when making copies from the glass or document feeder the original must be turned over manually.

Wireless Connection

The Sharp MX C250 does not have wireless connectivity. So a wired connection will be required for communication with your network.

Mobile Printing & Scanning

Sharpdesk Mobile offers easy scanning and printing with mobile products such as iPad®, iPhone®, Android, Windows® 8, or Windows® RT devices.

Multiple Advanced Scanning Options

The multiple scanning options give you the flexibility to choose how to process your scanned documents. Use the method or methods that work best for your office.

Scan to E-mail
Send scanned documents directly to an E-mail address

Scan to FTP
Send scans directly to an FTP server for storage

Scan to Network Folder
Send scans to a shared folder on a networked Windows PC

Scan to Desktop
Send scanned documents directly to a folder on your PC Desktop

Scan to USB
Scan directly to USB memory device

Scan To Mobile Device
Send scans to mobile products such as Android, iPhone®, iPad®, Windows® 8, or Windows® RT devices

Paper Sizes

The MX C250 handles the standard paper sizes that most offices use, letter, legal & invoice paper. The copy glass will allow copying up to legal size paper. Some compact copiers will only allow up to letter sized paper on the glass.

High Performance Postscript Printing

Standard PCL® 6 and PostScript® 3TM compatible printer drivers offer high performance printing. Many other compact MFPs consider these printer drivers an option or do not provide them at all. The MX C250 provides the best interpretation of complex files, by including PS3 printing as a standard feature. PostScript output is great for photo or PDF proof printing.

Sharp MX C250 Front USB Port
Sharp MX C250 Front USB Port


A conveniently located USB connector on the front of the MFP allows quick access for using USB thumb drives. You can print files from your USB drive or scan files directly to the drive.

Print Quality

The print quality of the Sharp MX C250 is impressive. The colors are vibrant and attention getting. The MX C250 utilizes the latest micro-fine toner technology. By using  a dual-component developing system images are reproduced clearer and smoother than typical mono-component systems.

Sharp MX C250 Operation Panel
Sharp MX C250 Operation Panel

Control Panel

The C250 uses a 5-line LCD panel with an ergonomically designed keypad.There are customizable program keys which allow users to save their frequently used settings and numbers.

Sharp MX C250 Review Summary

Overall the MX C250 is a great compact multifunction copier, that will fit in the tightest of spaces. The copy quality is outstanding and it has a low cost of ownership. It is well designed and loaded with features that other machines in it’s class do not offer. It’s defiantly a machine worthy of consideration if your looking for a compact color MFP. However, even though the MX C250 is a highly functional machine it does not have wireless connectivity. And it has a single pass non reversing document feeder so you will have to manually turn over two sided originals for duplex scanning or copying. If you require wireless connectivity and a auto reversing document feeder consider the Sharp MX C300W which is slightly faster at 30 pages per minute.

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