Sharp MX M465N How to Remove Lines From Prints

Sharp MX M465N

Removing lines with the green charge grid cleaning rod.

Cleaning the charge grid is easy to do with the installed charge grid cleaning rod. The drum unit has a built-in charge grid cleaner. Follow the simple steps below to remove the lines from your print jobs and copies. Over time dust and toner can build up on the charge grid. With a few strokes of the green cleaning rod you can remove these lines without having to call a copier service technician.

Open the front cover and remove the toner collection box. Lift the holding tab at the upper right corner to release the toner collection box.

Sharp MX M465N remove toner collection box

Locate and grab the green charge grid cleaning rod.

Sharp MX M465N grab the green charge grid cleaning rod

Pull the green cleaning rod all the way out and push back in 2 to 3 times. Be gentle, it is possible to pull the rod all the way out or break the rod by being to aggressive.

Sharp MX M465N pull green charger cleaning rod all the way out

Cleaning the document scanner glass (top scanner glass)

Cleaning the scanner glass will remove lines from from your scanned documents. If you are scanning the documents to email or a folder, a dirty scanner glass will cause lines on your document scans. And if you copy the scanned documents you will have lines on your copies as well. Some models will have two scanner glasses (for scanning both sides of a document with a single pass) and some models will only have one scanner glass. A dirty scanner glass will not cause lines on print jobs sent from a computer because the scanner is not being used, the image is sent to the copier from the computer. If you are getting lines on print jobs sent from your computer, use the cleaning steps above (cleaning the charger grid & laser slit glass). Clean the glass very carefully. You do not want to scratch the glass. Using glass cleaner or water applied to a clean dry cloth is recommended. Do not apply glass cleaner or water directly to the glass because it could run past the glass and enter delicate areas of the machine.  It is important to remove even the smallest spec. The scanners are very sensitive and will pick up on debris that very hard for the human eye to see. The paper will be moving over the glass, so a spot becomes a line to the scanner.

Open the document feeder and push the green button to lower the scanner glass assembly.

Sharp MX M465N open document feeder and push green button

Clean the small upper scanner glass with glass cleaner (or water) and a clean dry cloth.

Clean the small lower scanner glass with glass cleaner (or water) and a clean dry cloth.

End of Sharp MX M465N How To Remove Lines From Prints

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